What We Do

The Gathering Place

At Webster UCC, we have room for everyone, whatever you choose your level of involvement to be.  We have a diverse set of programs spanning educational, social, and service opportunities, all under the banner of “The Gathering Place”. We are more than a church – we are a community. Our members are ordinary people who engage in activities that align with their passions, time, talents, and gifts. Below is a partial list of our ministries and programs.

Mission & outreach projects

We are an action-oriented community with service opportunities available for the whole family. Many of our programs are conducive to parents and children working side-by-side, while others give participants a chance to engage with their peer group. We welcome all to engage in our outreach projects. See more details here.

Highlights include:

Caring Community Concerts One of the flagship programs at Webster UCC is our summer concert series. On six Wednesday evenings during the summer, hundreds of community members gather on our front lawn to enjoy live bands. These free concerts are sponsored by the church; a voluntary offering is collected from the audience and all donations are given to a different Webster charity each week. Since their inception, these concerts have raised over $60,000. From directing traffic to serving in the snack bar to collecting the offering, these concerts provide an opportunity for anyone to get involved.

Mission Team WUCC enables members to participate in a wide variety of local and global outreach activities. Whether
providing critical needs for those in developing nations or serving meals to the hungry, supporting the homeless, or comforting the distressed in our own neighborhood, we feel that we can best live our faith by helping others.

Baber Hot Lunch Once a month, Webster UCC hosts a hot meal at Baber A.M.E. Church in Rochester. Members of the congregation plan and prepare the meal, greet and serve the guests, and create a safe place and welcoming atmosphere. We strive to give our guests a sense of belonging and connection.

WUCC Pet Food Pantry (led by Rebel Beat Youth) – established in 2018, the Pet Food Pantry (PFP) grew out of a need and opportunity identified by the Youth.  We partner with Foodlink and other community  organizations to collect food and distribute to participants in the Meals on Wheels for Pets program.  Every month the Rebel Beat Youth pack orders for dozens of community members.

Outdoor Giving Pantry – The Youth built two outdoor pantries which follow the philosophy of “take what you need, give what you can”. The original pantry was intended for non-perishable food items. The youth quickly realized that the same model could be utilized for clothing needs as well, prompting them to build a second pantry. The pantries are emptied and filled continually, with support from the Youth, the congregation, and other community members.

WUCC Community Garden – the Rebel Beat Youth conceptualized, planned and built a community garden which is now tended in partnership with the congregation. Produce is donated to the Webster Hope House food pantry and also placed in our own outdoor giving pantry.

Daniel Gerard Milestones Ministry –  Family struggles shouldn’t prevent kids from experiencing special moments. The Milestones Ministry helps families celebrate special events like birthdays, graduations, the beginning of school and holidays with gifts, supplies, and even all the ingredients for birthday cakes! Milestones is named in memory of Daniel Gerard, who in his brief 18 years on earth never missed reaching out to his friends on their birthdays.

Kids and Youth

Active, engaging  programs for children and youth are a hallmark of Webster UCC.  

Wild Sunday School

Our Children’s Ministry includes a wide variety of ways for kids to get to know each other and Jesus.  The program is designed to celebrate the wonderful uniqueness of each individual.  

Highlights include:

• Woodland Sunday School Space– during the pandemic we repurposed our outdoor worship space in the woods to house our Sunday School activities.  Through a variety of hands-on activities, we focus on treasuring the special gifts from God that make the earth, and each of us, wonderful.

• Vacation Bible School– for one week each summer, kids from WUCC and the community are immersed in a themed experience full of faith-building fun.

• And much more!  

Rebel Beat Youth Ministry

The Rebel Beat encourages ‘tweens and teens to challenge the norms of society and carry on Jesus’ revolutionary mission of love, peace and justice.  The youth program consists of faith based lessons/discussions and hands-on outreach projects. The youth help create the content of our program and share leadership in all projects.  We step outside our comfort zones to be the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus. 

Highlights include: 

Rochester Summer Mission Week – one week each July, the Rebel Beat youth spread out across Rochester and Monroe County performing a variety of service activities.  On any day you might find the youth serving in a soup kitchen, cleaning up an inner city park, or hosting a field day for refugee children.  The variety of activities both give the youth a glimpse into the diversity of needs in our community as well as enable them to make a positive impact on those needs.

Adult Social Opportunities

At Webster UCC we are a community, and relationships are a foundation of everything we do. However, we recognize the irony that in today’s connected world, it can sometimes be hard to form real-life connections. With this in mind, we focus on providing opportunities for people to connect.

Senior activities: We have robust senior programs that provide education, fun and fellowship in a variety of settings.

Women’s “Fill Your Cup” Wine & Cheese: The name of this fellowship group speaks for itself! We usually find ourselves sitting around someone’s kitchen table chatting and laughing. Of course wine and other beverages and an assortment of munchies enhance our time together.

Men’s Group: The Men’s group is an informal social group that meets several times a year. The goal is to get together and socialize. Past meetings have been to watch sporting events, talk about the beer making process, or just to socialize.